Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Story with a Moral

Once upon a time in the fair kingdom of braunmont, there lived a lowly pheasant. Then the pheasant got shot by a peasant. Then the peasant (we'll call him Ed) robbed the mighty king of all his wealth and made off into the woods were he was promptly eaten by savage mosquitoes. Proving once and for all that you shouldn't steal. You can probably tell that I have no clue what to write about, and the Sharkman story hasn't had any more inspirations so far. But keep looking, I'm bound to have some interesting story to tell someday. Ideas anyone?

Monday, April 24, 2006

I have a stupid brother his name is ben. I have to go to work now.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Sharkman Tries to Continue

From this point I am a bit confused as to where I should go next with this Sharkman thing. I guess that I'll try hard to make all you Sharkman fans happy!

Last time on Sharkman:( We learned that as Hubert was having a swim in shark infested water near a nuclear power plant he was chomped by a big shark and then he turned into a shark himself... Yeah.... Now for:) Sharkman Returns (although I didn't know that he had left)

I guess I really don't have any ideas after all. Oh, but I must discuss his superness more completely. Ok, first of all he only turned into a shark when he was in salt water (He was a shark on the beach before because his swim trunks were wet) but whenever he wanted to be a shark in freshwater he was distraught, for he could not turn into a shark then. (Boy this is a strange story!) But it was this unfortunate occurrence (or "unoccurrence") that lead to the construction of his notorious shark suit which struck sheer terror into the hearts of evildoers everywhere. Other than the unnatural ability to turn into a shark, Hubert also got a slew of other abnormal qualities about himself that I will list here.

The Superswim: This was the power to swim very vast even when he wasn't a shark.

The Superchomp: This power came in real good handy when he went out to fancy restaurants like Applebee's and ordered a piece of steak.

The Watersniff: The ability to smell trouble in the water from two miles away.

The Iron torso: A very strong torso (which, by the way, no good superhero can go without).

And Finally, The Sharktongue: This allowed him to converse with any shark he pleased (which came in handy dandy later on).

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sharkman Begins

No, it is not haddock day anymore. But it is the first time in quite awhile that I have had a chance to get on the blogger. But, it seems that I have all kinds of fantastic ideas of things to blog about but I always forget them when I get on the computer. Perhaps I shall tell you a story about the menny avencherz uv... SHARKMANN!! Dananananananananananananananana SHARKMANN!!!! Oh deere, I'm drawing a blank.
Once upon a time there lived a man who loved to swim. One day... Hubert (that was his name I guess) decided to go for a swim near a nuclear power plant. Don't ask me why he decided to do that because I really have no clue. But it just so happened that there was a rather large and sinister looking shark swimming near the same power plant on that very same day who promptly bit Huey's pinkey fingers off and swam away laughing. Now Huey was not the excitable sort and, examining the situation carefully, decided that the best thing to do was to get out of the water (a logical idea in my opinion). So Hubert swim for shore and save himself and, feeling a bit drowsy, decided to drive home and take a nap. unfortunately for him his car had mystyriously fallen off a large cliff and exploded. Deciding at last that there was nothing better to do he lew himself down and dozed off right on the beach. when he awoke, he had a strange inclination to go for another swim and, feeling nothing better to do (which, quite often in Hueys life there was nothing better to do) began to try and get up. But for some reason beyond his guessing, try as he might he could not manage to get himself up. But he soon discovered that rolling himself over and over was not only for children but for him too (at least it was at this point in time). The water was looking ever so good to him at the moment and for the life of him he couldn't figure out why (He also greatly desired a tuna fish sandwich). He was much relieved when, at last he splished into the water. He somehow found the water unusually comfortable and began swimming around. And in this way, Hubert learned that, over the period in which he was peacefully sleeping, he was also peacefully turning into a shark.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Haddock day

Howdy howdy howdy! I cant think of anything groovy to write about today. Oh yeah, today is haddock cleaning day at work so I must be very prepared to clean 65 libras of foosh, or feesh, or fash, or is it foshes. It is usually a lot of fun because me and Joel whisper and laugh at random foolishness and then danielle gets very cranky because she always thinks that we are laughing at her. We really only very rarely ever laughed at her and I don't think that we actually have in quite some time now so she really has no need to get so distraught over the whole thing. Although one time I did march up to her one time with a wet, cold, slimy fish in my hand and slapped her in the face with it, which of course made everybody laugh uproariously except for Danielle. Her face has dripping and had pieces of raw haddock all over it. Okay, so that part dinnit really happen.