Sunday, May 04, 2008

Stories are very fun to write. Here goes...


The phone rang... the phone rang again... the phone rang a third time. Chester moaned loudly when he rolled over to pick it up. He turned the light that was on his nightstand to low as he picked up the reciever.
"Hello?" he said tentatively, looking at the clock... "3:20 am" he thought to himself.
there was only silence coming from the other end. "Hello?" chester said again.
"Chester??" came a panicked voice from the other end.
"Yes? Who is this?"
" It's Marie, I'm in trouble I need your help now!"
"What's going on?" asked Chester becoming more alarmed.
There was no answer, only the sound of footprints being made rapidly. "MARIE!" he screamed loudly. Hanging up the phone and throwing on some clothes chester prepared to go out into the lonely night to search for his troubled friend. He grabbed his coat out of the closet and checked his snub nosed revolver before rushing down the flight of stairs to the front door and dissapearing into the black of night.