Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Just a fun time.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Early Morning Adventure

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As some of you may know, my sleeping habits have been known to be a little irregular at times. I am an insomniac, and this can be very frustrating to live with, but I learn to cope somewhat.
Anyway, last night while lying in my bed awake at almost 3 am, I was thinking I was soon going to fall into a deep sleep. My eyes were tired, I was comfortable under a thin layer of blankets, and my thoughts were just beginning to wander off into the realm of the unknown and mysterious unconscious realm... yeah, that about sums it up. All was quiet, the room was dark but for a few lights from the computer indicating that it was on. Suddenly, out of the still quiet nighttime air, my ears detected the distinct sound of crunching metal, followed by the even more distinct sound of squealing tires. My calm night had just been shattered. "That sounded pretty close," I thought to myself as I got out of bed. I briefly debated whether or not to go out into the blackness of 3 AMishness and try to find the source of the disturbance.
If this had happened during the daytime hours, I would have decided to stay home and mind my own business, but since the thought of somebody crashing along a dark lonely road in the middle of the night was not the most reassuring, I donned some clothes and headed out to investigate. Some would call this "rubbernecking" but, as I explained in my Josiah style, I was not sure anybody else had heard anything, seeing as most of the civilized population was soundly snoozing.
I jumped in my car and headed down the road south, toward where I thought the noise had come from. After a while I turned around, figuring that perhaps the noise came from the more well traveled and sometimes dangerous route 104. I circled back to 104 where I drove the stretch nearest to my house. I began to think that perhaps I had just imagined the whole thing, after all, I had been nearly asleep; maybe it was part of my pre-sleep thought cycle thing. I rolled my window down and listened carefully. Sure enough, I heard the fire whistle. Good to know I wasn't crazy, but still a little scary that somebody had been in an accident.
I decided to go into the town of Sodus. Perhaps the noise had come from farther away than I previously thought. I cruised down the lonely roads of the sleeping village. Then I saw an ambulance driving toward me from the other direction. Then it made a turn onto Maple st. in the village. I was relieved that crews were on scene, but at this point my curiousity had been aroused too much to ignore. Perhaps against my better judgment, I followed the ambulance down Maple. There I saw a police officer leading a handcuffed kid toward the newly arrived rig. "Well that's odd," I thought to myself.
In the distance there were what looked to be dozens and dozens of emergency vehicles. As I drew closer I realized that they were all gathered in the Sodus school parking lot. You can probably piece it together yourself from there. I turned and left the scene. I guess I'll have to read the Wayne County Times to get the rest of the details, wether they are embellished
or not.

My theory right now, is that some kid (drunk or not) was joyriding at unreasonable speeds in the school parking lot where he crashed with some amount of force. He then bailed and ran up Maple st, hoping to elude responsibility. But who knows.

What I find fascinating is that I was able to hear the crash from that far away! Maybe the wind was blowing just right....