Monday, March 27, 2006

Jumbled thoughts on my trip to Mississippi.

Todasy iejnhvklshoifvkjblnsedy... Today is my first full day back at home. As you may have seen I spent the last nine days out of town. I went with a group of guys from CCW, CCFL, and CCN (Calvary Chapel Webster, Finger Lakes, and Newark) to Mississippi to help people fix their houses. Can you understand what I just wrote?? Oh well. Anyhow, we all had a blessid time and I cant write good today and I don't know why. ahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! But I did make some groovy new friends like Joseph Frascatore, and his daddy Tom, And George "Humble" Humby, and... oh it would take a while to go through all of the groovy dudes that went. But it was a fun time.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Imposter

Joe can't be here today. He is not home. He went on a long trip. He is in Biloxi, Mississippi. That is all for today.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


"Porridge today Gromit, Tuesday." Nate just made himself some oatmeal for breakfast but he dinnit make any for anyone else! "I think I'll get my own porridge." Maybe I should just make some yummy eggses! Or some crunchable birdses! Mmmm, juicy sweet. Haha, I am such a doofas.
Today is, as I said, Tuesday, and I very strongly dislike working on Tuesdays because I work with a bunch of girls that like to tell me how everything is done and how I always burn stuff which is not true (not that I can remember anyway). They always seem very ready to boss me around all day while they stand around and chit-chat like women do. "Joe, I dont want to do that job so you can do it, and when your done you can do all those other jobs that I hate. I'll just stand here and talk about all the troubles in my life." Then I have to train Nancy on the fryer which is really quite hopeless because she never listens to anything I tell her. She's always giving the customer vegetable oil sandwiches and stuff like that. Yes, Working at Orbakers on a Tuesday when I am the only Guy there during the day is quite an endeavor.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Killer Looks

Here is a self portrait of myself. As you can see I am quite a handsome fellow. Maybe I should go into the acting business. I am sure that they would give me the main role in any film I wished to star in, from "Indiana Smith" to "the Life and Trials of a Marine Biologist". Don't you Agree?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sorry Brian

Today is tuesday, March... 7th? Any way, on saturday me and my friend Brian went to Brantling hill in Sodus to go snowboarding ( oh yeah, his sister Heather went too, LOL). It was quite frusterating for me at first becuase every time I tried to turn I fell on my bum. Brian tried to encourage me by saying that that stuff always happens and to just stick with it. And me, being all flummoxed, would always respond to him kind of sharply (not to be rude but just cause I was irratated and embarrassed at falling down on the bunny hill. So I think I made Brian mad at me for that but I really didn't mean to.
And then at about 3:30 PM I fell backwards after hitting a little bump and hit my head and got a head-ache and then I dinnit feel like snowboarding any more but Brian did and he got all dissappointed... Grrr. Maybe I'll go agian sometime and do better and not get so irratated and hurt my good friends feelings. Sorry Brian.