Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Grandpa

So as many people are aware, my grandfather (who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer in the end of August) passed away on September 28t. I never got on here and talked about it because I didn't know exactly what to say about the whole thing. I'm usually pretty open about how I feel, and the fact that I couldn't bring myself to talk about it was kind of confusing for me. I know I loved him, but for some reason it wasn't something that I wanted to talk about all the time, or even at all.

But finally, one day after his memorial service, I have decided to write about the things I will really miss about him.

His unique sense of humor. "you might as well just finish your dinner, it's just gonna go in the garbage anyway." And "I beat her (grandma) up every morning." Oh, and then, "The other day I was walking down the road and a saw a monkey turning into a people!"

His stories, ranging to his mischievous childhood and teenaged years to his exploits at American Linen, where he worked as a delivery man.

Just talking. I could often go to Grandpa and tell him stories of my own and we would just talk about stuff for as long as it took.

His music was wonderful. Playing the banjo while also playing the harmonica and singing. He even had a belt buckle with a banjo on it.

His example was one of a kind. He was the least hypocritical person I ever knew.

Josh is getting into all sorts of mischief now so I have to cut it short :(