Monday, August 25, 2008

The Continuing Adventure of Douglas R Houghton

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Douglas was born a very inquisitive child and he was constantly going exploring behind his family's home in the woods of woody areas. He was always interested in mysteries of all kinds from the Bermuda Triangle to the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.

When he grew up, Douglas got into science and held an extreme interest in the field of paranormal research, which ultimately lead to the adventure you will soon be told.

So, as you have already been told, Douglas was on a research vessel in the Indian Ocean when seemingly out of nowhere, a huge storm erupted and sent the craft rocking back and forth rather violently. Douglas was out on the deck at the time and was knocked unconscious by a stray oar from one of the life boats (I think life boats are still in use).
Coming to but still in a daze, Douglas looked about himself to get his bearings. The first thing he noticed was that it was not storming anymore and the sun was shining brightly on his pale skin. He was laying down in the midst of his fellow scientists who were hard at work rowing a small lifeboat through the calm water.
Doug began to struggle a bit to get up and put his hand to his head. He felt a large damp cloth on his head. He didn't know whether the cloth was moist with blood or just seawater, but it startled him nonetheless. His heart began to race and he started squirming around on the bottom of the boat. His friend Jamie put his hand on Doug's shoulder and tried to calm him down; "Doug," began Jamie, "it's OK, you just hit your head really hard, you might have brain damage but don't worry, we're not dead yet. The freaky storm is over but the research boat sank to the depths of the ocean and we can't get into contact with our fellow science team on the other boat that was supposed to be assisting us. We lost all of our equipment cause it was on the boat and we only have enough drinkable water for one day. Nobody has any clue where in this ocean we are because the sextant was lost and the GPS wasn't water proof."
Doug promptly lost consciousness once more.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I don't feel like writing about Douglas's adventure quite yet... I already wrote more of it down on my laptop and I don't want to rewrite it at the moment. Maybe soon the adventure will continue.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Dear Google,

More computer programming is what we need, programming programming programming!
We need more programmers out there to program things, thingsa always need more programming. My robot needs programming every day. I think everyone should learn how to program. Get the hint?

From your non-programmer friend, Joe.

Happy programming everyone!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Second Post of the Day! Scooter Tricks, by Ben

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Random Writing... (again)

There was a day when all seemed hopeless, but that day has finally gone away.
There was a day when all seemed lost, but now it has been found again.
I used to wallow in self pity, now I have been brought to life.
When darkness used to overtake me and I couldn't see the light.

Never again will I wander alone through the dark corridors of my deepest fears.
I now have been given a second chance and that was the answer to prayerful years.

Yeah, I just randomly wrote that in like, 1 minute... with no previous thought.

So I don't exactly know what all that means but maybe it's significant somehow... or maybe it's just a bunch of nonsensical gibberish. That's what can happen when I let my mind wander I guess.

How about a random story now? Might as well, I'm on a random roll.

The escapades of Douglas R. Houghton are as follows,
Douglas was an important member of one of the states leading science teams when it all began....

There he was out on a research vessel in the middle of the Indian ocean when suddenly, the fiercest storm erupted out of thin air and sent the craft to pitching and rolling like mad. The radio operator was desperately trying to call for help from the other research vessels in the area but he was not managing to get through to any of them. Doug was out on the deck when all of this was taking place and was occupied with trying to keep his footing when he was knocked unconscious by a stray oar from one of the lifeboats. This of course left him in quite a predicament because he could no longer concentrate on trying to keep his footing and was left to rolling along the deck at the mercy of the violent tempest.

What happened next was truly extraordinary but unfortunately I can't think of what it is at the moment and am forced (by my own will) to wait and conclude/continue the adventure on my next post. I hope I can manage to keep myself interested long enough to finish a story this time, but we will see.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lesson #2

Today is cloudy... the sun is not shining... wait... yes it is. The sun is shining above the clouds.

I now have several writing projects going at once. The other day, I began to write down a very quick draft for a fantasy tale that I have been dwelling on for a year now. My problem before was that I was thinking too hard about the little piddly details that didn't matter so much and then I would lose my inspiration for the rest of the day. I learned to fill in those details with simple things that I can just go back to and work out when I am done with a quick draft. That way I won't lose inspiration for the rest of the story because the rest of the story will already be written down, HOORAY!

So, instead of spending endless hour sitting there trying to think of the most groovy name possible for your character, just call him Bob and move on. When you can't think of a good reason for your character to be out of his house, just say that he was buying some butter for the cookies he was making for his nieces birthday party and move on to more important things, like what happened to him next. After you are done writing your first draft you can come back and adjust the details as necessary.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Hooray, Another Dumb Video

Sorry Mom, I'm posting another video for you to not watch. :(