Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Change Starts With You

I see a lot of people who are perfectly content to live life on cruise control. Basically doing everything that they are told that they are expected to do. Doesn't anybody stop for a moment to question things? Why does our society work the way it does? Are we really supposed to get bombarded by advertisements and flashy colors telling us what to do all the time? Does anybody honestly believe for one second that this society is the end result of human intelligence?

I think that every society throughout history has esteemed themselves as the pinnacle of human achievement. Place yourself in Ancient Rome. As a Roman citizen, you were living in the best society imaginable. See the Colosseum? See the aqueduct? See how your government operates?

We must not make the same mistakes. By assuming that we know enough, we are risking stagnation.
So how do we change things?

I have heard from so many people how they wish there was no more violence in the world, and how they just wish everybody could get along so that there would be understanding throughout the world. I then see the same people turn around and scream at someone for offending them in some small way. Don't they realize that in order for the world to truly be a better place, the change must begin with the individual? You can't expect the world to suddenly become hospitable if none of the individual people are willing to make it happen. Change starts with you. Are you mad because two countries are in a state of turmoil? You can't understand why they can't just get along? Is there anyone in your life that you can't stand? Is there somebody in your life who you believe wronged you and you have been angry with them? How do you justify your anger with that person while at the same time proclaiming that everybody else needs to "just get along"?

Change begins with the individual. It is your job to make the world a better place. Don't leave it in the hands of other people.

Also remember that is is possible for you to believe in things that are not true. You must be willing to acknowledge that your knowledge can be refined.

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Mallika Padhi said...

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