Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Change of Tone

I wrestled with the idea of beginning a new blog that would take on a different tone than this one currently has. But I decided that since nobody really visits this blog anymore, noone will notice a change in tone.

I have been apprehensive about posting on certain topics because I know that many of my former regular readers would disagree with much of what I have to say now. But I have come to understand that I should not shy away from speaking on such issues simply because those I love may ultimately disagree. Even if I am wrong in my beliefs, refusing to discuss them will do nothing to help me change them if I need to. Discussion will hopefully ignite healthy debate, which can lead to a refining of beliefs. This is why we have conversations in the first place; to learn from one another.

So I am embarking on what may become a tumultuous journey. I will document what I can on this blog so as to maintain a record of my progress. I invite anyone to post any comments they wish.

Topics will likely be widely varied, although I will try to keep it centered around economics and politics for now. I encourage those who disagree to become engaged in discussion. Disagreements should not be looked at as a bad thing, but as an opportunity to learn from someone who has a different perspective. If nothing else, you may come away with a new way of thinking about things.
And is that really such a terrible thing?


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